Where have the DINOSAURS gone?
It's's time to go through Internet and find out more interesting facts about Dinosaurs. Here you will find some theories about their extinction: The giant impact, the Supernova, their disease or Orbital changes:     
Click here  http://www.cotf.edu/ete/modules/msese/dinosaur.html and follow the orders given to sail through this web site and do the exercises suggested:
Go to The Giant Impact and answer the following questions:

1. What happened to the forests when the asteroid fell?
2. What did the giant waves cause?
3. Why couldn't anything survive on earth?
4. What were the dimensions of the crater?
5. What poisoned the rivers, lakes and oceans?
6. Why did dinosaurs die according to this theory?

Go to The Supernova and finish the following sentences:

1. The Supernova is...
2. After the star becomes a small sphere...
3. The velocity of its matter and radiation is...
4. According to this theory, the dinosaurs died because...
5. The only survivors were...

Go to Disease and correct the following statements:

1. An amoeba is a blue and dangerous reptile.
2. A gland makes the reptiles sweat.
3. A blind reptile will live in peace on earth.
4. Tumors in reptiles are caused by Cancer.
5. The Heath Hen lives peacefully in The USA and Canada. 
6. The spread of diseases was caused by contact.

Go to Orbital Changes and write a short summary (3 lines) to explain how and why could
the Orbital Changes have killed the dinosaurs? ____________________________________

Go to the Dictionary of Dinosaurs  http://www.dinodon.com/dinosaurs/dictionary.html and describe the...