Get into the Official Web Site of the FBI  (http://www.fbi.gov/mostwant/topten/tenlist.htm),and click on The Ten Most Wanted Fugitives; once there you will have to answer the following questions:

1. When and where was Ramon Eduardo Arellano born?
2. Which jobs has he had?
3. Why is he being sought?
4. How much is the FBI offering for important information about him?

5. What is Usama Bin Laden's weight?
6. How many deaths has he caused and why?

7. Where is James J. Bulger from?
8. Where has he been frequently seen?
9. Which weapon does he always carry?

10. Which aliases related to animals has James Kopp had?
11. Why is he wanted?

12. Which is the relation between Eric Rudolph and the Olympics Games?

13.What kind of illness has Arthur Lee Washington possibly got?

14. Which tatoos has Donald Webb got? Where are they?
15. Why is he being sought by the FBI?
16. What kind of shops does he like robbing?

17. Which of these criminals was born in Michoacan?
18. Who robbed nearly 7 million dollars from a Security Company?
19. Who worked as a Construction worker?

20. Who is this man?
     Write a short description of him  
I am James J. Bulger!!!!!